Ana Shell Fund (

The Ana Shell Fund provides funding for a broad range of projects and programs.

Ana Shell

Our list of the companies we work closely with to develop new projects:

1) Alternative energy project by NRGLab Pte. Ltd. is a science-driven company based in Singapore. The company researches and develops alternative-energy technologies for clean, reliable and affordable electrical power on a global scale.

2) Crude oil project by Viscoil Holdings, LLC, (the “Company”) is a California limited liability company organized to engage in research and the commercial development of hydrocarbon production methods and technologies.

3) Architecture project by Architecture-Studio of Martin Robain. The project of sanatorium was developed in 2008-2009 jointly with AS Architecture – Studio.

4) Entertainment projects

5) Ana Shell Media Press is news agency financed by Ana Shell Fund, providing latest local and international news on a regular basis.


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About AnaShellNRGLab

An environmentalist, venture business woman, one of the discoverers of crystal growth technology, the owner of the private Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors Territory of "Shell".
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