Quit sweating your summer bills with these new energy tips

Are you still sweating the summer? I’m not just talking about the heat – I’m talking about your electricity bills. Worried that you’re spending too much? Worse yet – worried that you’re still wasting energy despite your every attempt to reduce consumption?

Well, here are a few energy saving tips you may not have considered before.

According to TXU Energy, an American power provider based in Texas, “bumping your thermostat up 4 degrees and turning on a ceiling fan will feel about the same as before, and cut down on your power bill.”

Even your blinds are sources of savings! That’s right, by angling your horizontal blinds upwards you can cut down on heat via natural light by up to 45%, reducing your need for air conditioning.

Want to take the whole blinds-savings a step further? Investing in solar shades to block out heat entirely!

We’ve talked motion sensors before. Why have lights on in your guest bedroom or auxiliary office when they aren’t in use? Well, motion sensors are great for outdoor lighting fixtures, too. They can be set to automatically turn your lights on and off based on sunlight, which is great for those times when you forget to turn your porch light off at night.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about LED light bulbs, but do you know what LED even stands for? It stands for Light Emitting Diode, and these bulbs can last over a decade! During that period, you could be reducing your energy costs by up to 85%. That’s big savings for a little investment up front.

Also, if you keep an extra refrigerator or freezer in your garage, check to make sure it isn’t set too cold. That’s an easy way to waste energy. Plus, it tends to get pretty toasty in your garage during the summer. Make sure it’s worth it for you to be running two appliances. Try consolidating. Can you fit all your frozen food in one freezer?

Check the temperature settings on your water heater. It should be set to 110 degrees. No more.

Have questions? Talk to your power provider. Most companies nowadays offer smart meters that break down your energy usage and help you better understand where you’re having trouble saving.

Of course, if NRGLab’s mission is successful, relying on a power provider will be a thing of the past! With the SH-Box generator and our innovative gasification technology, we want to make nations, communities, families, and individuals energy independent.

I think we can all agree that electricity is too expensive. Our bills our too high (and there are way, way too many). NRGLab has figured out ways to cut energy costs down to 3 cents per kWh. That’s less than a third of what you’re probably paying right now…

So quit sweating the small stuff! Get up right now. Check your blinds. Your water heater. Do yourself a favor and hold onto your hard earned money!

For more information on NRGLab and our slate of energy projects, visit nrglab.asia.


About AnaShellNRGLab

An environmentalist, venture business woman, one of the discoverers of crystal growth technology, the owner of the private Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors Territory of "Shell". www.anashell.com www.nrglab.asia
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