Seasonality in Gas Production and Consumption

A special characteristic of gas as fuel is its seasonality, or irregularity in consumption. In summer, a decrease in consumption leads to a drop in demand, while in winter, demand is extremely high. This inconsistency does not concur with gas production, which is in constant volume; moreover, gas storage can be quite problematic. Different countries solve this problem in different ways. In Germany, for instance, there are stations for gas liquefaction. In spite of the fact that a significant amount of gas is lost in this process, liquefaction allows governments to even out seasonal peaks in gas consumption. In Ukraine, there are underground gas storage facilities (salt mines), where gas is injected under pressure during summer months. 

            We are proposing a new method of natural gas damping. The crux of the method is twofold: 1) derive synthetic gasoline from natural gas, while 2) generating electricity at the same time. 

            NRGLab Pte Ltd equipment allows for obtaining synthetic gasoline with Euro-5 environmental characteristics and enables the generation of an unlimited amount of electricity. Table 1 summarizes the resource capacity of the equipment.

Resource Input

Resource Output

Natural Gas 2.25 m3

Gasoline (unleaded) Euro-5 – 1 kg

Electricity 5.716-3.45 kWh

Table 1.

During the summer period, there is approximately 80 billion m3 of accessible gas on the market, which leads to the calculations in Table 2.

Resource Input

Resource Output

Natural Gas 80 billion m3

Gasoline (unleaded) Euro-5 – 35.5 million ton

Electricity 203.24-122.67 billion kWh

 Table 2.

            A distinctive feature of the proposed technology is the production of gasoline and electricity from one continuous, uninterrupted process. Specifically, it is possible to generate additional electricity by decreasing the share of gasoline produced; however, the reverse process, i.e. an increase of gasoline share by decreasing the electricity share, is not attainable. In this case, electricity is a byproduct of producing gasoline from natural gas.

            Synthetic gasoline obtained from natural gas is easily stored and transported. In view of its caloricity, its value is equivocal to the value of its input materials, i.e. nature gas. NRGLab Pte Ltd is looking for a strategic partner for this exclusive business.


By, Zeev Drori



About AnaShellNRGLab

An environmentalist, venture business woman, one of the discoverers of crystal growth technology, the owner of the private Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors Territory of "Shell".
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